Licensed Professional Counselor / National Certified Counselor

I have a passion for helping people and feel we all can be happier, more balanced, and lead a more fulfilling life. I am caring, down to earth and have a sense of humor. I provide a non-judgmental active approach to counseling. My lens is supportive, strengths based solution focused, and I use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness approaches in my work. In a caring yet straightforward way I get to know you, help you to set meaningful counseling goals, take action, and be accountable toward reaching your goals to live your best life. If you are looking for someone to help you be accountable, then I am a good fit!


Licensed Professional Counselor / National Certified Counselor

Are you thriving or simply surviving? Often individuals question their life path yet have no idea where to start exploring. I work with clients to connect your head and heart in order to help you walk the highest and easiest path in this lifetime. My clients range in age from teenagers through adulthood and are often going through life transitions. Transitions such as relationships, challenging family dynamics, identity crisis, trauma, career, abuse, divorce, loss, and grief. Often my client suffer from depression, anxiety, panic symptoms, confusion, sleep issues, and loneliness. Individually or in a group setting we identify strengths and areas of growth, both are used to help cultivate fulfilling life experiences.

Licensed Professional Counselor / National Certified Counselor

My approach to therapy is gentle, practical, and straightforward. I work to develop a therapeutic relationship through unconditional acceptance and positive regard. I partner with my clients to challenge their thoughts, ideas, and behaviors with the goal of facilitating real, lasting change and personal growth. I work with individuals ranging from teens to adults on topics including anxiety, depression, trauma, and life adjustments. I am passionate about finding the counseling approach that will work for each and every one of my clients.

DMFT / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Are you having a lot of problems in your relationships with friends, family, a partner or spouse? Do you feel misunderstood? Are you experiencing a lot of stress, anxiety, depression and/or worry due to work, being a single parent, divorce, marriage, committed relationship, racial issues, masculinity and/or self worth? Are you parenting alone and need some emotional support. Are you questioning things in life and need to make some decisions. Asking for support is a brave step. I am the Author of “Ruptured Attachment” and am passionate about helping individuals, couples and families heal from the inside out. Begin healing from the inside out!

Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor / Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

David’s passion is joining clients in their life journey to overcome adversity and find healing for their hurts, habits, and hang-ups. He helps them uncover their resiliency to forge sustainable mental health while continuing to thrive and create the fulfilling life they choose. He understands the challenging process of healing in the life journey, having overcome many of the same challenges, detours, and dead ends along the way. When helping people move past complacency, the goal is to help clients begin to see problems and find creative solutions within themselves and uncover the coping skills they need to overcome the struggles they face.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Julie is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Special Education Teacher, and Parent and Adult Educator.  Her specialties include working with families with young children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with daily functioning or are striving for a more balanced, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyle. Through the use of multiple approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, humanistic, Adlerian, nutrition, and fitness counseling, she is able to meet the needs of clients in ways that facilitate positive growth and optimal functioning within their daily lives. 

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Marguerite holds a doctoral degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato with an emphasis in Counselor Education and Supervision. She works with clients through a strength-based lens, focusing on client resiliency and motivation. She has worked with children and adolescents of all ages on emotional/social, academic, and career issues. Marguerite also has experience working with individuals, couples, and families from different backgrounds and presenting concerns, including anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, parent/guardian concerns, as well as life and career transitions.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Combining aspects of things she loves the most: a deep regard for the spiritual source within every person; effective therapeutic art processes, and a sound cognitive behavioral therapy approach, Lura has had the opportunity to support both adult and teen clients in the process of healing their lives.  She specializes in helping her clients alleviate the effects of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss issues and to establish workable, sustainable life goals and healthy relationships. Her clients describe her approach as “direct but compassionate!” and uniquely suited to each individual or couple who meet with her.   

Licensed Professional Counselor

I am bilingual in English and Spanish and love working with the cultural and emotional challenges that come with being a dual language individual or family. My training tends toward solution focused therapies, where my empathy for a wide range of people and backgrounds combines with goal setting and change. I am trained in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR. If you feel that we would be a good match, please set up an appointment to see me. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting with you.  


Patti Brown

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner / Certified Life Coach

* Currently accepting clients in Shakopee *

I take a truly holistic approach by combining the latest information on the gut-brain connection, current understanding of neuroscience and the impact of early attachment on our current relationships. I am trained in a variety of Trauma focused and experiential models, including EMDR. If your struggles are with a primary attachment relationship, substances, or a relationship with yourself, I am here to help.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Melissa’s clinical work focuses on utilizing and building on children’s, teen’s and family’s strengths, instilling hope, and working collaboratively to develop treatment goals and create positive change. Her clinical work includes taking a developmental and systemic perspective that incorporates psychoeducation, play therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, and EMDR. Melissa has over 20 years of experience providing individual and family therapy to children, adolescents and their families in both outpatient and in-home settings.

Master of Professional Studies / Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor / Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

* Currently accepting clients in Lake Elmo *

Ali is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and trained in EMDR therapy.  She has experience working with people from a variety of different backgrounds and specializes in working with young adults, substance use, depression, anxiety, relationship dynamics, identity crisis, and individuals within the LGBTQ community.​ Ali’s therapeutic approach is supportive and focuses on individualized care, recognizing the needs and goals of each person.  She uses a variety of evidence-based practices and approaches to improve overall well-being.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

* Currently accepting clients in Eden Prairie *

People often first meet Ray when they are feeling stressed out, down, or struggling with relationships. Responsibilities at work and home may feel overwhelming, and people are too depleted to rearrange priorities.  Many times family or friends have recommended that they “get help” for a problem or difficulty. Ray graduated from Adler Graduate School of Minnesota and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He is also certified as a Parent Coach and Professional Life Coach, as well as a DBT therapist.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I approach therapy by using warmth and authenticity to develop a trusting relationship where growth and change may occur. It is often challenging to see outside our current struggles or perceived shortcomings. By empowering individuals to also focus on parts of themselves that they value or feel proud of, we discover our innate resources for addressing challenges both large and small. My role is to assist individuals in removing obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their goals and living lives that are satisfying and meaningful to them.

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor  

I specialize in individual work with adolescents and young adults, clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems, men-specific concerns, transitions/life changes, trauma, anxiety, depression, clients with chronic illnesses and pain, as well as Personality disorders and other Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses (SPMI’s). My approach to therapy, and to life is with humor, fun, honesty, openness, genuineness, and reverence for the individual experience. My hope is for everyone who walks in to leave feeling heard, supported, challenged and empowered. It’s also important for me to provide a judgment-free place where you can discuss issues of culture, gender, spirituality, race and sexuality.

TCTCA Founder / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

I believe in mental health wellness. Most people are familiar with the term therapy, which often denotes problems, pathology, diagnoses and things to be removed or fixed. While some of my clients may have symptoms like depression or anxiety, I prefer to see the strengths and possibilities that exist in their lives. My goal in therapy is to provide a fresh, unbiased perspective drawn from both life experience and current research. Whether you are seeking help to better understand yourself or work on a personal relationship that just doesn’t seem to improve – together you and I will find solutions that work in real life.

TCTCA Founder / Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist / Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

My approach to both therapy and life is optimistic and nonjudgmental. You will find me down-to-earth, working at your pace to build personalized problem-solving strategies. I have 20+ years of experience working with individuals and families in transition. I believe that all human beings are moving through life to belong, to love and be loved.  Life events will inevitably interrupt our efforts, and therapy is a great place to get yourself back on track.  I believe that therapy should be a supportive time in your week, set aside to both challenge yourself and set goals so that your time spent makes the difference you want.

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