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David Berg


* Teletherapy Only *

David’s passion is joining clients in their life journey to overcome adversity and find healing for their hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  He helps them uncover their resiliency to forge sustainable mental health while continuing to thrive and create the fulfilling life they choose.  He understands the challenging process of healing in the life journey, having overcome many of the same challenges, detours, and dead ends along the way.  In his own life, David has learned there is usually an opportunity in suffering, as Napoleon Hill puts it, “adversity contains within it, a seed of equivalent benefit.”  David uses this opportunity as the lens to see problems through and supports his clients as they learn to move through and approach their troubles in more productive ways.  When helping people move past complacency, the goal is to help clients begin to see problems and find creative solutions within themselves and uncover the coping skills they need to overcome the struggles they face.

David knows how crucial trust is and that people need to feel loved, connected, safe, accepted, and a sense of belonging. David is especially devoted to helping clients reduce, and when possible, find meaning in their suffering, garner support through the healing process, work for change, and foster a deep awareness of the effects of traumatic experiences on their lives.  His deep understanding comes from having been there, resolving the pain and finding grace in his own life journey after navigating healing from his own adverse childhood experiences. That is why David has dedicated his life to help clients end the unnecessary suffering and related traumatization many continue to experience in their lives.  To this end, David has devoted his life to working within his private practice, clinics, prisons, and treatment centers to advocate, inform, implement change, and increase trauma informed practice for clients and their families.  David received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from Bemidji State University, and his advanced degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy from the Adler Graduate School.  David has over 25-years’ experience working with all types of people in a variety of settings.  In his free time, David enjoys spending time with his family, playing guitar, gardening, cooking, and traveling.

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