Telehealth or Tele-therapy is a convenient and helpful way of integrating mental health services into your schedule. Many patients have been able to access our mental health services during times or at locations they would not otherwise be available.

Receive care where you are

One of the top benefits of tele-therapy with a therapist or counselor is flexibility. You can participate from anywhere you are comfortable in the state of Minnesota. Receiving therapy in the comfort of your own home may help you feel more relaxed and able to participate in your care. Many people find it easier to discuss difficult topics from a familiar setting instead of an office or clinic. If you don’t have privacy at home, you can participate in your appointment from your office at work, car, or anywhere with an internet connection. 

Convenient Appointments

The logistics of attending an appointment in-person for therapy can sometimes present a challenge. Long work hours, traffic, transportation difficulties, bad weather, or lack of childcare can get in the way of a session with a counselor. With teletherapy, you can avoid the travel time, and may be able to schedule at a more convenient time for you. 

Have a sick kid at home unexpectedly? No problem! We can easily switch your in-person appointment to a tele-therapy appointment.

All treatment modalities are available

Different approaches to therapy work better for different people in different ways. Our therapists offer access to all treatment modalities through telehealth. During your virtual visit, you can talk through difficult situations, process your feelings, get guided through meditation, or any other method that would help you, just like you would do, during an in-person meeting. 

Maintain privacy and confidentiality

All tele-therapy services adhere to strict guidelines for the protection of your privacy. We use secure telehealth portals for video visits, and our therapists participate from private offices. The visit is not recorded, so what you share is confidential as it would also be in an in-person visit. 

Achieve success in your healing

We can achieve an equal or greater level of success in your care through tele-therapy. You will benefit from the same level of care and the convenience means you are less likely to miss visits.

If you have scheduled a tele-therapy session with one of our therapists, you will be able to access that session through the portal.

Any issues logging into your session? Call the front desk at 763.898.3323.

What do I need to participate in tele-therapy?

You will need a computer or smartphone with a working camera and audio, internet, and a private and safe space in which to talk to your therapist. Do not call in from a public location where you or your counselor may be overheard.

Tips for making tele-therapy a great experience?

  1. Know how to log into the portal well in advance of your session time. This will save you time and frustration at your appointment time, leaving more time for actual therapy than IT troubleshooting.
  2. Ensure that your internet connection is good enough to support your video and audio so that you are not interrupted due to bandwidth issues.
  3. Add two 30-minute blocks to your calendar on either side of your session. 
  4. Take the time before your session to think about your goals and what you want to achieve. 
  5. Then after your session is done, take the time to reflect, gather yourself, move around and take a bio break.
  6. Set an alert!
  7. Choose a safe and quiet environment in which to have a confidential conversation with your mental health provider. 
  8. Try to minimize background noise by turning off television, music/radio, and pets.
 If you have questions or need assistance identifying the right provider for you click her to contact us .