I Eat What They Eat

A few years ago I asked myself the question, what dictates our food choices? I spent a few months reading through scientific journals and looking at research about why we eat what we eat. I found information about the role the food industry plays in our eating habits,...

New Year’s Resolutions and Nutrition

HAPPY NEW YEAR!... PLUS ONE MONTH AND A HANDFUL OF DAYS THE MAGIC OF NEW YEARS When thinking of New Year’s resolutions many of us focus on what we can do to improve our health. Whether we are unhappy with our weight, dealing with a chronic condition, or generally...

Pass the Crayons!

According to a recent article in AARP Magazine, “Coloring for adults is not just fun and nostalgic; it’s also good for your health” says clinical psychologist Ben Michaelis. In my practice using therapeutic art practices, I also find that clients report a more relaxed...

Compliments that Stick!

We all know that our speech affects our kids. Obviously, If we constantly told kids that they are dumb or clumsy, we would disrupt their ability to gain confidence and ultimately they could grow to be more “dumb or clumsy”, not reaching their potential. So we know we...

Dealing with Stress

Most people know the feeling…Stress.  The supervisor had an unrealistic deadline and the coworker teaming with you on the project is out sick… again.  The file was deleted accidentally on the computer during the recent update.  The shipment came in late and didn’t...

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Twin Cities Therapy & Counseling is located in Golden Valley, MN and serves clients throughout Hennepin County including Edina, Plymouth, New Hope, Crystal, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Hopkins, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Park.

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