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We are so happy you are chose to visit our mental health clinic. It isn’t always easy to ask for help. Even the strongest people amongst us need a little bit of assistance from time to time. Now that you have taken that important first step, we are here to help.

Everyone has changes they would like to make and challenges to overcome. Regardless of what you are facing, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow. We specialize in therapy that helps with emotional, behavioral, and relational issues. Our staff are trained counselors, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, and social workers with experience in a wide range of approaches to meet you or your family’s needs including trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, family and relationship concerns, as well as many more. Request an appointment today and take the next step towards becoming a better you.

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Twin Cities Therapy and Counseling is a talented, expert team of therapists and counselors who care about providing therapy and support to our clients. 

Counseling and Therapy Services

Women’s Therapy

Women often come to therapy challenged with a variety of conflicting expectations rising from the responsibilities of balancing home and career.  Many are natural caretakers who want to change patterns that no longer work for them.  Women often have dreams and ideas about how to live a rich, fulfilling life, yet can’t seem to find enough hours in the day.  Where the women’s movement over the last 50 years has allowed women to broaden their roles and have a louder voice,  we are now challenged to determine what this new femininity means in terms in our everyday life.

Men’s Therapy

Anxiety, communication, or big transitions such as parenting or job loss have traditionally brought men to therapy. More and more, men are looking to explore their own values and determine their own path to happiness. Counseling is an ideal place to think out loud and develop a plan to thrive in relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and in the world. And now, you don’t even have to leave home to attend. Tele-health or traditional therapy with a competent mental health provider is just a call away. Read More

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy today is a collaborative relationship between a client and the therapist. During the initial phase of therapy, goals are established and steps are identified to achieve them. A therapist is someone who offers support, listens attentively, models a healthy and positive relationship, and provides meaningful feedback.  Therapists develop a deep awareness of life trends and challenges while listening to and learning from their clients.  Thus talking to a therapist can be like talking to a small community in one, helping to give a perspective to an individual’s worries.

Therapy is not about giving advice but providing an environment in which the individual becomes informed and skilled in making the best decisions for him or herself.  Having an experienced therapist with a wide perspective on the problem often helps immensely to gain insights and to make new decisions.  Read more.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help you to have a designated time to openly discuss reactions, concerns, and goals about the shifts in your relationship.  It can provide you with tools to enhance empathy and intimacy between you.  When we work together with you as a couple, you will become clear about what you can and cannot control, and where you can put your energy to mobilize the best changes possible. You will feel more empowered in who you are together  and be able to communicate it to each other with clarity and confidence.  Read more.

Child Counseling

When a significant life event hits a family, children are often the first members to go to therapy. We see this as a tribute to how much we love our children. In showing our kids the value in asking for help, we are providing a lasting model toward reaching out rather than isolating. Therapists can help kids and their parents practice skills to process both events and emotions, assuring that everyone has a voice and is heard. We are committed to focusing on resiliency and life skills, using the “problem” as content but never as defining the child.


Your care is our top priority, so we’ve just made it easier than ever to connect with a licensed therapist. Just like in-office therapy, online is eligible for payment using your health insurance coverage and flex-spending accounts. Sessions are conducted through a live video therapy session that is HIPAA compliant and secure. Access your therapist from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet — from home, work, college dorm, or even while traveling. With just the click of a link, our online platform creates a secure connection to share files, messages, and data. Through this link you can reschedule appointments and submit forms. Read more.