Family Counseling and Parenting Support

Parenting SupportFamily systems are constantly changing and evolving in response to the multiple impacts that emerge along the journey.  As families’ navigate these changes, they often experiences pain, loss, depression, anxiety, anger, economic instability, and relational distress.  Family system therapy focuses on building relationships within each family system, ultimately facilitating the intensity and commitment of each member of the system.  Preventing, decreasing, and preparing for the challenges that families face reduces overwhelming, stress, and familial dysfunction of each member and increases the strength of the system.  With family counseling a therapist can facilitate negotiation of parenting styles between parents, mediate and negotiate roles of parents and individual members of the family, and provide management and support for families with children with special physical, mental, social, and emotional needs.

Play and Sensory Processing Therapy

Play and Sensory Processing Therapy is utilized to provide opportunities for children to express themselves when they do not have the communication skills to talk about their thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  Through the use of sensory and play strategies, the therapist is able to create a safe and comforting environment that encourages children to learn more appropriate, responsible, and effective ways to solve problems, learn social and interpersonal skills, and learn behavior modification methods that will facilitate daily living.  Play and sensory processing therapy provide relief for children who are experiencing a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, social challenges, self-regulation difficulties, trauma, adjustment to life transitions, Autism, ADHD, and attachment issues. We provide help for parents when they need it most. Schedule your family counseling session today.