Therapy for Grief and Loss

Grieving the loss of someone or something is a confusing, challenging process that takes some people years to move through, and sometimes feelings of grief come back even years later. Many of us are aware of the stages of grief and may wish we could rush through the stages in a linear fashion and move on, but the reality is far more complex. Healing becomes even more complicated when the current state of our world means that we cannot gather as we normally would to offer support to loved ones mourning a loss of some kind. 

The length of time it takes for a person to grieve is highly variable and dependent on the situation. But when symptoms persist without improvement for an extended period, they may be experiencing complicated grief. The symptoms of complicated grief may be more complex, more intense, and may take more than just time to heal. Complicated grief often overshadows a person’s life, interfering with their daily functioning.  

It is certain that the experience of grief and loss involves many difficult and complicated emotions. Yet joy, contentment, and humor do not have to be completely absent during this time. Grief counseling, self-care and social support are important aides to recovery.  Allowing oneself the feelings of occasional happiness does not mean a person is done mourning or that they are betraying a loved one that has passed. 

Our therapists are trained to help you become comfortable with sitting with whatever feelings are present, and we know that the healing process is as unique as the individuals we serve. Whether you’ve been hit with feelings of grief over the many challenges brought on by a global pandemic, have lost a loved one or ended a recent relationship, or if you are experiencing lingering feelings of grief and loss from years ago, grief therapy can help you clear some of the emotional fog and take steps back to the life you want.