Men’s Therapy

The world’s definition of being a man is changing dramatically. Are you feeling that your anger or dreams are frequently dismissed? Are you rattled by painful accusations like “you don’t even have feelings” or “you should just know”? At home men commonly wrestle with the anxiety of
doing what’s expected of them and yet find their relationships still not working. On the professional side, men can be challenged when success does not equate to happiness.

What is all this vulnerability hype anyway? Do men really have to throw out most of how they were trained growing up to be at peace with themselves in today’s world? Traditionally anxiety, communication, or big transitions such as parenting or job loss have brought men to therapy. More and more, men are looking to explore their own values and determine their own path to happiness. Counseling is an ideal place to think out loud and develop a plan to thrive in relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and in the world. And now, you don’t even have to leave home to attend. Tele-health or traditional therapy with a competent mental health provider is just a call away.


Below are some common issues that come up in their therapy sessions with men:

Do the women in your life have unwritten expectations that you don’t understand?

How to negotiate the roles in your home.

Do you feel like you should “just know” what your partner wants, but you don’t?

Men don’t have friends to talk with.

Being unhappy with work, but feeling like they are failures to say so.

Men don’t have enough hobbies.

It’s okay for things to not be okay.

Whose job is more valuable?

Therapists and Counselors that work with Men's Issues

LADC, LPCC, Supervisor