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Vicki Dischler


Ever since I can remember, I have been interested in understanding people and in hearing their stories. You are a unique human being who deserves to feel acknowledged and appreciated for who you are right now.  I will welcome you with positive regard, curiosity, and genuine concern and I believe in your innate ability to find balance.  Whether you have something to sort out in the short term or would like to address longer-term issues, together we will explore possibilities for your life’s path and use the abundant tools available to us.  When in session with a client, I am completely in the moment with the person facing me.  I am a deep listener, who will provide authentic feedback and encourage you to find your voice.  We will work collaboratively and I will ask you in each session how our work is going for you. What I love about therapy is that it is a safe space in which your true self can flourish, free of judgment, where you are fully supported in your goals and your process.

My study of different cultures and world travels have taught me about many different ways that people live and respond to life circumstances.  For many years I taught languages, from pre-school through adult continuing education, which has given me an experience base with individuals from various stages of life and what they need to feel comfortable to express themselves.  I designed and taught a college course on the history of psychology, lectured on Jungian psychology and the wisdom of the holistic Self, and also attended psychology conferences for many years as an enhancement to teaching. In 2016, I received an MA in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Adler Graduate School. I have a trauma-informed approach to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, relationships, aging issues, and more.  I have a passionate interest in treating shame-related concerns by nurturing body, mind and soul.

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