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Lawrence Nutter


“Nosce te Ipsum” — “Know Thy Self” (Latin)

As a therapist specializing in solution-focused, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness-based strategies, I offer a chill space for my clients to develop the tools needed to increase their understanding of how beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors shape identity. Therapy is not an “easy” process. We all have an overwhelming desire to cling tightly to what we have come to know, especially during times of uncertainty. Therapy, more than anything else, is an investment in self-knowledge. Who better to understand than the person you are with 24/7? The more you comprehend, the more confident you feel, and the better equipped you are to navigate life’s uncertainties. The journey may be uncomfortable and difficult. It can also be rewarding and fulfilling. I do not guarantee success, however, I promise to do my best to guide and support you along your journey.

“The purpose of today’s training is to defeat yesterday’s understanding.” – Miyamoto Musashi

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