Lawrence Nutter

Licensed Professional Counselor


Lawrence graduated from St. Mary’s University with a Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychological Services. Lawrence specializes in Solution-Focused, Cognitive Behavioral, and Mindfulness-Based therapeutic strategies. Using a client-centered approach to therapy enables him and his client to establish a strong therapeutic relationship free from moral judgment and other biases that may hinder personal development. His experience includes counseling children, adolescents, and families who struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, grief, addiction, divorce, and trauma. In addition to private practice, he worked within the Hopkins School district and surrounding areas providing students with crisis and individual counseling.

“I love helping others and believe that the greatest gift we can offer another is the prospect of hope. There is no question that life can be hard at times. There are those moments when the whole world appears to be conspiring against us and nothing seems to go right. It is during these times, I believe, that we are challenged to look within, discover our strengths, and rise above. With a little bit of guidance we can work together to restore a sense of hope and get things back on track.”

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