Julie Richter

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Julie graduated from The Adler Graduate School of Minnesota and The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Special Education Teacher, and Parent and Adult Educator. Her specialties include working with families with young children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with daily functioning or are striving for a more balanced, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyle. 

Through the use of multiple approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, humanistic, Adlerian, nutrition, and fitness counseling, she is able to meet the needs of clients in ways that facilitate positive growth and optimal functioning within their daily lives. She encourages clients to integrate insight, rational thinking, assertiveness, goal-setting and problem-solving methods into their daily living, so that they can strive to meet their life goals. Through the use of systems theory and methods, she facilitates each client’s understanding and ability to effectively utilize the systems that surround them in ways that will support their identified goals, while contributing to society in meaningful and useful ways.

Life is always evolving, changing, and bringing challenges to us that we did not expect or do not have the skills or understanding to handle effectively. Come learn about yourself, identify skills to facilitate optimal growth in all areas of your life, and utilize the unique traits that you already have within you!