Nutrition Counseling

It seems that everywhere you turn you hear or read something about nutrition. It can be from food companies trying to sell you their products, or news outlets hoping to grasp your attention with shocking nutrition revelations! Unfortunately, neither of these sources have your best interest in mind. They  often leave you confused, frustrated, and potentially persuaded to make poor food choices.

Often, we are ignorant to the effect foods have on our mood, behavior, and energy levels. Some foods may make you feel ashamed, depressed, lethargic, and unmotivated. Others can inspire you to take on the world. Learning which foods bring out your best and worst is one of the  first steps in developing healthier habits.

Most of us feel that we could be healthier and happier if we could  change our eating and exercise habits. Although this sounds simple, for many, this is one of the hardest endeavors. Often, this goal is difficult because we have a lot going against us. We lack adequate support from friends and family. We are too busy to make conscious choices about the foods we eat or if we exercise. We experience stressors in our life that can derail our efforts and drive our eating habits. We are surrounded by food advertisements and food temptations. We are swayed by quick fix solutions such as diet books, supplements, and apps that often leave us back where we started. Suddenly, this simple goal has become a complex issue. Many people feel that they haven’t been successful because they aren’t strong enough, they don’t have any willpower, or they are simply failures. This simply isn’t true. We all have unique relationships and responses to foods we eat. In nutrition counseling, you are able to explore this relationship free from shame or judgement to get closer to a healthier you.

Dr. Mallory Franklin

Doctor of Philosophy

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Licensed Dietitian

Food and nutrition are often common problems for people who live an otherwise fulfilling and successful life. I know many feel misguided and frustrated with their past efforts to become healthier. I believe that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to lifelong health and happiness. Food is a very intimate part of one’s life. That is why I am passionate about getting to know clients beyond the foods they eat. By establishing an open conversation based in trust and free from judgement, we can work together to pick health goals and the most sustainable way to attain them.

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Samantha Osterhaus

Master of Public Health

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian

Are you ready to reclaim your joy, time, and confidence through nutrition and wellness? Through Intuitive Eating and the Health at Every Size® approach, Samantha is here to support you in your pursuit of well-being without fad diets, restriction, or a focus on your weight. Together you’ll define what health means to you and focus on sustainable behaviors and habits that can help you feel your best, while still letting you enjoy all of the foods and activities you love. Samantha practices evidence-based nutrition, but always combines her knowledge with your lived experience so her approach is 100% individualized.

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