Nathan Ernst


Our relationships are a fundamental part of our lives, bringing both immense joy and complex challenges. If you find yourself struggling with communication issues, conflicts, or a potential or realized breakup, I am here to provide a safe space for growth and transformation. 

I am passionate about meeting the needs of my clients in therapy. I will help you foster healthier connections by enhancing your communication skills, learning to build emotional intimacy, and establishing boundaries that honor your needs. I have my masters from the University of Minnesota, and am currently a supervised therapist. I have experience working with a diverse population of individuals, couples, and families. I am passionate about helping adults navigate issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, sexuality, gender identity, and relational difficulties. Whether you are single, in a partnership, or navigating the complexities of family dynamics, I am dedicated to supporting you in creating fulfilling and meaningful relationships. 

Additionally, I am passionate about the experience that men often face regarding societal expectations that discourage the open expression of their emotions. If you are a man struggling to find a safe space to explore and express your feelings, I am here to support you. I understand the unique challenges you may encounter in navigating your emotional landscape and I aim to create a safe and non-judgmental space where we can freely explore, process, and articulate your thoughts and feelings. I am an integrative therapist who also specializes in Emotionally focused therapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, and the Gottman method.