Lynn M. Sando

Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor


Many of the people I work with are feeling stuck, dissatisfied, or hopeless about their job, relationship, or simply life in general. I use solution-focused, person-centered, and mindfulness-based practices to help individuals recognize their wants and needs in order to get back on track to discovering fulfillment. I enjoy working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, collaborating and tailoring therapy to meet each person’s specific needs. 
Lynn takes time to develop a strong therapeutic connection in order to understand the full-picture of an individual, couple, or family’s life and make the most out of each session. Her approach is integrative and holistic in nature. She works with youth, teenagers, and adults (couples and families) from all backgrounds and specializes in anxiety, depression, addiction and co-occurring disorders, SPMI, and those experiencing transitions in life. Lynn is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and St. Mary’s University of Minnesota where she studied addictions and counseling. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.
“We are all unique in the ways we experience joy, pain, loss, grief, change, growth; there is no one therapy approach that works for everyone. I believe that people have a hierarchy of needs and that building a solid foundation by recognizing our strengths we all have the ability to reach our fullest potential. Contact me today to schedule a session and see if we are a good match.”

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