Erin Peterson


Erin is a graduate from the University of South Dakota with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Erin has experience working with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds and presenting concerns including depression, anxiety, adjustment concerns, personality disorders, and self-esteem concerns. She has particular experience working with college students and has a strong passion for working with teens and young adults.

“I believe that counseling begins with a relationship and this relationship gives clients a place to be open and authentic. I believe that it is through this openness that people are able to explore themselves and the things that give them meaning as well as the areas of struggle in their lives. Through this supported exploration, clients are able to identify the things that they would like to change and begin to work on them through recognizing and utilizing the strengths and abilities they already possess. I believe that this is particularly important for teens and young adults as they are at a time in their lives where they are deciding what is important to them and who they are as well as the person they want to be. It is an essential and oftentimes intimidating part of one’s life, as others may be looking to them for answers that they are still trying to figure out for themselves. I am passionate about working with individuals during these crossroads to assist them in exploring their values, strengths, and goals. My ultimate goal is to create a welcoming and safe environment for each individual to feel free to nonjudgmentally explore different aspects of themselves and further enhance their strengths.”


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